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 Prajnanabodhini, an educational and social institute was founded on an auspicious day – Ashwin shuddha Ashtami in 2005. We are working in educational and social field. The motto of our school is

|| यत्र विश्वं भवति एकनीडम् || - This universe is my abode.

Prajnanabodhini is a Man making well known institute which is working from 13 years till today successfully. We believe in student’s psychological, intellectual, overall development and high quality of personality development, arts, spiritual rites, Indian culture, prices and celebrations as well. Prajnanabodhini mission is to build unity in the global community. Syllabus is designed to enhance the creativity, physical fitness, intellectual habits, and mental ability, social and moral outlook that empowers and transforms the lives of young ones.

As a part of work in social field, Prajnanabodhini has resolved to help people become literate and encourage them to acquire various skills to become self-sufficient.

Prajnanabodhini works to involve and encourage students & parents in social activities and support them in solving social, environmental and national issues.


Our goal is to give a high quality education with co-curricular activities in minimum fees to develop the quality of education in rural area.

1. Create various opportunities among young, developing talents, gain self-confidence, And also experience success.

2. Help a child to be tolerant and live a self-disciplined life, understand and observe the Sense of responsibility to become agents of social change in the nation.

3. To help them explore the varied cultural, vocational, artistic creativity in them.

4. To provide all the educational, social and emotional needs of a child.

5. To create an attractive, stimulating and appropriate atmosphere for differing needs and talents of children.

6. To arrange classes for learning and skill development for the local people.

7. To arrange guidance lectures, workshops to introduce and guide on critical issues. Conduct activities for the same.

Founder’s message:

Prajnanabodhini Institute is working in social and educational field from 13 years. The main principle thought of Prajnanabodhini is to develop student centric education system that will develop their intellectual, physical and psychological abilities such that they become vital member in the development of society and nation. Such students will help in upliftment of society and work for the national growth.

Our Values and Vision:

To improve the quality of the students, to develop them in the best way possible to survive the globalization competition, to develop good culture and habits among them, to imply this we give rites from handwriting development, speech development, reading ability, Sanskrit Shlok recitation, Geeta recitation, Yoga, Suryanamaskar, Self-study etc.

Our vision is to create a self-motivated student with a variety of skills and a courageous learner for every change.