About Us

Prajnanabodhini, an educational and social institute was founded on an auspicious day - Ashwin shuddha Ashtmi in 2005.

Actual working in educational field started in June 2006 and June 2008 in Chinchwad and Shirgaon respectively. Since the beginning both the schools received a huge response from parents. For further development both the schools have shifted in new big buildings. Chinchwad School got shifted to Chikhali in June 2012 and Shirgaon School in June 2013.

The schools in Chikhali and Shirgaon are English medium schools located in semi urban and rural areas and following the principles laid by Swami Vivekananda.

Prajnanabodhini registered under the Registration of Number Act 2, on 24/02/2006, numbered MH/365/2006 and under the act of Public Trustee Count 1950/29 on 08/02/2006 Prajnanabodhini is registered with number F/22768 to Assistant Charity Commissioner, Pune.

Prajnanabodhini mission is to build unity in the global community. Syllabus is designed to enhance the creativity, physical fitness, intellectual habits, and mental ability, social and moral outlook that empowers and transforms the lives of young ones.

We have opened the doors of English Medium to create a dashing personality of student who will create his own place in the world of competition.

We have Trustees that are highly successful in respective fields and businesses who give our students a Trustful environment for highly developing educational industry.