School Schedule

School Schedule: 2019-2020

No. Holiday Name Sour Date Date
1 Aashadhi Ekadashi 21 Ashadh Fri. July. 12
2 Ganesh Chaturthi 11 Bhadrapad Mon. Sep. 02
3 Gauri Poojan 15 Bhadrapad Fri. Sep. 06
4 Teachers Training Camp 19 & 20 Bhadrapad Tue. & Wed. Sep.10 & 11
5 Anant Chaturdashi 21 Bhadrapad Thu. Sep. 12
6 Ghatasthapana 07 Ashwin Sun. Sep. 29
7 Vijayadashami 16 Ashwin Tue. Oct. 08
8 Christmas 04 Margshish Wed. Dec. 25
9 Makarsankranti 25 Paush Wed. Jan. 15
10 Mahashivratri 02 Phalgun Fri. Feb. 21
11 Dhulivandan 19 Phalgun Tue. Mar. 10
12 Gudhipadwa 04 Chaitra Wed. Mar. 25
13 Ramnavmi 12 Chaitra Thu. Apr. 02
Diwali Vacation 03 Kartik To 19 Kartik Fri.Oct.25 To Sun.Nov.10
School Reopen 20 Kartik Mon. Nov. 11

Education makes life self-reliant. It inspires man to live with dignity in the society. It is the foremost requisite of a teacher to identify his own virtues. He needs to live supported by his inherent virtues and must continue to uphold them.
                                                                                             - Narendra Modi

Sr. Exam Section Date Sour Date
1 I Unit Test 1. Pre Primary 6th to 12th Aug 15th to 21th Shravan
2. Primary 6th to 12th Aug. 15th to 21st Shravan
3. Secondary 4th to 13th Aug. 13th to 22nd Shravan
Open Day Pre Primary. & Primary 30th Aug. Fri. 8th Bhadrapad
Secondary 31st Aug. Sat. 9th Bhadrapad
2 First Term For all Sections
1. Oral-Pre Primary 5th to 10th Oct. 13th to 18th Ashwin
2. Written-Primary 1st to 23rd Oct. 19th Ashwin to 1st Kartik
3. Written-Secondary 11st to 23rd Oct. 19th Ashwin to 1st Kartik
Open Day Pre Primary. & Primary 25th Nov. Mon. 04th Margshirsh
Secondary 26th Nov. Tue. 05th Margshirsh
3 II Unit Test 1. Pre Primary 30th Dec. to 04th Jan. 09th to 14th Poush
2. Primary 30th Dec. to 04th Jan. 09th to 14th Poush
3. Secondary 30th Dec. to 06th Jan. 09th to 16th Poush
Open Day Pre Primary. & Primary 17th Jan.Fri. 27th Poush
Secondary 18th Jan.Sat. 28th Poush
4 Second Term For all Sections
1. Oral-Pre Primary 25th to 31st Mar. 2020 4th to 10th Chaitra
2. Written-Primary 01st to 15th Apr. 2020 11th to 25th Chaitra
3. Written-Secondary 01st to 15th Apr. 2020 11th to 25th Chaitra
Open Day All Section 30th Apr. 2020, Thu 10th Vaishakh

"The consciousness of the seer, is a greater power for knowledge than the consciousness of the thinker. The perceptual power of the inner sight is greater and more direct than the perceptual power of thought"
                                                                                             - Yogi Arvind

Sr.No. Subject Chikhali Shirgaon
1 Yearly Plan and Guidance 27th June Thursday 28th June Friday
Unit 1 - Open Day
2 Pre Primary & Primary Section 30th Aug. Friday 30th Aug. Friday
Secondary Section 31st Aug. Saturday 31st Aug. Saturday
Parent Orientation Meeting
3 Pre Primary Section 17th Sept. Tuesday 16th Sept. Monday
Primary Section 19th Sept.Thursday 18th Sept.Wednesday
Secondary Section 21st Sept. Saturday 20th Sept. Friday
Self-Reliance Presentation 1
4 Pre Primary & Primary Section 5th Oct. Saturday 4th Oct. Friday
Secondary Section 6th Oct. Sunday 6th Oct. Sunday
Terminal Exam: Open Day
5 Pre Primary & Primary Section 25th Nov. Monday 25th Nov. Monday
Secondary Section 26th Nov. Tuesday 26th Nov. Tuesday
Unit 2 - Open Day
6 Pre Primary & Primary Section 17th Jan. Friday 17th Jan. Friday
Secondary Section 18th Jan. Saturday 18th Jan. Saturday
Parent Orientation Meeting
7 Pre Primary Section 15th Feb. Saturday 14th Feb. Friday
Primary Section 18th Feb. Tuesday 17th Feb. Monday
Secondary Section 20th Feb. Thursday 19th Feb. Wednesday
Self-Reliance Presentation 2
8 Pre Primary & Primary Section 19th Mar. Thursday 18th Mar. Wednesday
Secondary Section 21th Mar. Saturday 20th Mar. Friday


Presence for the meeting is necessary.

Teacher - Parents Meeting Timings:

After finishing school timing of sections.

Shirgaon: Tuesday, Friday
Chikhal : Thursday, Saturday

No. Names of Celebration Sour Date Date
1 Varsharambha (Chikhali)
Varsharambha (Shirgaon)
04 Aashadh
05 Aashadh
Tue. June.25
2 Dindi 20 Aashadh Thu.July.11
3 Gurupoornima (Chikhali) 25 Aashadh Tue. July.16
Gurupoornima (Shirgaon) 26 Aashadh Tue. July.17
4 Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi 10 Shravan Thu.Aug.01
5 Nagpanchami 14 Shravan Mon.Aug.05
6 Independence Day 24 Shravan Thu.Aug.15
7 Pratidnya Grahan (Chikhali) 26 Shravan Sat.Aug.17
Pratidnya Grahan (Shirgaon) 01 Bhadrapad Fri.Aug.23
8 Dahi Handi 04 Bhadrapad Mon.Aug.26
9 Ganesh Sthapana (School) 11 Bhadrapad Mon.Sep.02
10 Ganesh Visarjan (Shirgaon) 16 Bhadrapad Sat.Sep.07
Ganesh Visarjan (Chikhali) 18 Bhadrapad Mon.Sep.09
11 Vidyavrat Sanskar (Shirgaon) 08 Ashwin Mon.Sep.30
Vidyavrat Sanskar (Chikhali) 09 Ashwin Tue.Oct. 1
12 Gandhi Jayanti 10 Ashwin Wed.Oct.02
13 Foundation Day(Ashwin Shu. 8) 14 Ashwin Sun.Oct.06
14 Diwali Celebration 02 Kartik Thu.Oct.24
15 Annual Picnic Pre.(Chi/Shir) 23 Margshish Sat. Dec. 14
Annual Picnic Pri.(Chi/Shir) 30 Margshish Sat.Dec.21
Annual Picnic Sec.(Chi/Shir) 30 Margshish Sat.Dec.21
16 Swami Vivekanand Jayanti 23 Paush Mon.Jan.13
17 Republic Day 06 Magh Sun.Jan.26
18 Annual Day Pre./Pri. (Chikhali) 18 Magh Fri.Feb.07
Annual Day Sec. (Chikhali) 19 Magh Sat.Feb.08
Annual Day Pre./Pri. (Shirgaon) 21 Magh Mon.Feb.10
Annual Day Sec. (Shirgaon) 22 Magh Tue.Feb.11
19 Annual Science Day-(Chikhali) 08 Phalgun Thu.Feb.27
Annual Science Day-(Shirgaon) 09 Phalgun Fri.Feb.28
20 Matrumandir Vardhapan Din (Chi.) 21 Phalgun Thu.Mar.12
21 Varshant (Pri.) 28 Phalgun Thu.Mar.19
21 Varshant (Pri.) 28 Phalgun Thu.Mar.19
21 Varshant & Annual Prize Dist.(Chikhali)(Pri.) 28 Phalgun Thu.Mar.19
Varshant & Annual Prize Dist.(Chikhali) (Sec.) 30 Phalgun Sat.Mar.21
Varshant & Annual Prize Dist.(Shirgaon)(Pri.) 27 Phalgun TWed. Mar.18
Varshant & Annual Prize Dist.(Shirgaon) (Sec.) 29 Phalgun Fri.Mar.20
22 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti 24 Chaitra Tue.Apr. 14

1. Training Programs.
2. Work Shops.
3. Weekly Meeting.
4. Home Visits.
5. Research Papers.

For Parents

1. Periodical Meeting.
2. Parents Teachers Association.
3. Parent Workshops.
4. Monthly Newsletter.

Social Activity of Prajnanabodhini

The Prajnanabodhini has been expanding its social work from 2015. To enrich the lives of women, the woman Empowerment program is being conducted through five modules.

1. Education .
Literacy program includes reading, writing of Marathi & English.

2. Health.
Lectures on diet, woman health, Ayurveda & our life style etc. are being arranged. Health check-up & consultancy is also provided.

3. Employment
Tailoring course and related employment activities will be conducted.

4. Organization
Narayanees & Gayatree Bachat - Gat is formed. Our mother Parents are coming together on special occasions.

5. Self Defence
Physical & mental fitness as well as social awareness is a necessity. We arrange various programs for this.

In Order to succeed, you desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Narendra Modi